December 11th, 2001

run the fuck away

Swing, swing, and swing away...

Good morning.

Last night, I was so wasted. It was a tiring day, though that's the first time in memory such emotional exertion resulted in such physical fatuige. I'm all about the tiredness. No, not really.

But, I'm up, about, and consious halfway through my first class. Ah well. I've gotta send the prof an email, then touch up my database tonight. And touch up my webpage, like I've been pretending to do for the past few days. Oh posh.

Thursday is the last day of classes, and then it's finals time. Thursday night, dance. Friday night... I just realized I accidentially doubled plans. Don't want to cancel either, and only can move one.

RPA and Roleplay vs. AMANDA... battle of the century.

Alright, I'm gonna chill for a bit... still coming to adjust to the new situations, ya know?
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run the fuck away


My account is going away. Fuckers... now I've gotta get another free email that I can tolerate using. Or start using my masteraquilla account. Naaahhhh....
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run the fuck away

Pop your zits till they bleed...

It's a new punk song I'm gonna write. Watch me.

But, anywho... after classes today, I spent lunch with Missi. Much like What's Her Name, we sat and talked till about 4:10. We talked alot about Missi and writing, and why people disliked her writing so much, and how she could improve. I tried giving her some ideas on excersises she could do to improve her writing, because while I'm not a good writer, I know what skills you need and ways of improving them.

Speaking of, a while ago, I attempted to use fellblossom as a venting, ranting journal, where I could create a character to channel all my anger, etc, but unfortunately, shortly after starting it, I lost that rage. But perhaps I'll take one of the ideas I gave Missi, and create a character and have that be his journal.

I'll let you know.
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run the fuck away

I hopehopehope...

Ever have one of those moments where you get so hung up in compassion and hope, you miss what's actually going on? Whups. Good conversation anyway though.

My mind is so open that my brains fell out.
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