December 8th, 2001

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Werk it, werk it babay...

Mmmmm... as I steal some of my roomate's rum (Bacardi Gold Label Puerto Rican, goood stuff), I look back on today, and discover... I had a good day.

First, classes went swimmingly. Second, going to the RPI Pagans Association was actually far more fun that I normally would have expected. Thirdly, Remy is over his RPI girl curse- partially thanks to Reki. Got some Reki work done, didn't spaz, didn't phreak... good stuff. Met a like minded gent at RPA, hung out with Kevin and Missi and a few other, did some RP (in a horrid game, some people didn't want to play in a reasonable manner). Before RP started, that like minded gent gave me a Reki attunement. Basic philosophy: Reki is good, you can't hurt shit with Reki. So lets give it to as many people as possible, whether or not they know what they're doing. It couldn't hurt. So I am now an ignorant Reki practitioner.

Other interesting notes... during my attunement, Joe generally finds that attuning is like working with clay. The aura is moldable. Apparently, mine was more like chiseling into stone, sparks and chips flying and all. It took and I can feel a bit of a different energy flow. Eris knows what I'll do with it though. Once I have an understanding of how Reki works and have gone up the attunment ladders, I may return to my old awakening bomb idea, and set Reki powered land mines around crowded areas, set to go off when the population density is at a crucial point. We'll see.

Anywho, more on the RPI girl curse passing... it's done. No real fanfare. Just after the whole RPA thing, walking with Kevin and Missi, it was gone. Not to say that RPI girls in general aren't a good deal more attractive to me than the worldwide mean, male, female, etc., but there's no longer this unholy sway over me. It just... released. Kinda shpif, and I think the fuel for the change happened when I was the recipient of some work by the newbie Reki practioners (other people Joe has recently attuned).

Anywho, much pleasantness.

As far as Seth goes, Seth is a matter for much laughter among the more sagelike members of RPA. In fact, he's kinda looked at as the loose cannon, who's going to hurt himself someday.

How do I see Seth now? As a willing test bed for new M-inventions. He's all about that. He's discussing getting some tattoos as magickal tools, and, as one experienced with writing one one's skin, I was giving him some pointers. Being the sort of person that believes that the more people in control of technology/abilities, the better, I'm all about sharing some gizmos with him. Helping him formulate new patterns/systems/whatever the hell. Besides, he's going to be putting whatever I make through a good trial battling the little whoozits he contrives. Then of course, once I've found the failure points, I can make my stuff better and start circulating it around the general populace.

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Hi, I'm Remy, and I'm slightly drunk. Something between four and six shots of rum in a single saga cup and a single sitting. YAY! This is a first. I just don't want to stand up too quickly.

This is because my roomate has a large bottle of Rum and I want to make sure that he doesn't have enough to kill himself with. Actually, it's because I poured more into the glass than I thought I did.

Anywho, I just thought y'all would like to share in my first experience of drunkenness, though none of you are here.

Oh posh.
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I'd like to clarify, for those who misread me, I am not drinking alone. I'm visiting the other drunks on the floor. Besides, this is one of those nights where... well, since I've gone from tipsy tro drunk I'm going even furhter.. what the hell.
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All about...

Discovery? When I'm drunk, I use the phrase, "All about" alot. "I'm all about the sake." "I'm not all about the blowjobs," and a so on so on so forth.

I am all about the Tesla FBI file.

I'm thinking bed. Bed is good. But after the Tesla FBI report. Because Tesla is the man!
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Welllll... lookatthat...

Hangover free Remy, reporting for duty:

Too much sleep for Remy though. Over 12 hours. Bah! I predicted that I was going to sleep till 3 a few days ago, and I did.

I was drunk, it was fun. I woke up at 10:30, and was really tired, so I went back to sleep. So, I'm bleeding off energy this morning, kinda rekified, but not a hundered perecent sure of its exact nature.

I'm now going to HVPN (Hudson Valley Pagan something or other) tomorrow with Sarah. I'm a little spacey from too much sleep, a little thirsty. Gonna go for some water in a bit.

Had a bit of a dispute with 'Manda over the household. Aside from the personal conflicts (concerned about saying or doing nasty things when stuck in the asme room as Liz and Jamie), I'm not sure I'm going to be all about the restrictions we are supposed to agree to in the Divine Rowan. We'll see what happens... I'm not going to be very stiff on it at the moment... I've just voiced concern and hesitance. That, and I don't think the Divine Rowan is ever going to happen. Or by the time it does, the initial impulse will be lost.

That, and I do think it has a potential/tendency to cause us to be too insular. So far, every time we've gone to an SCA event since this idea has spawned, we've spent all our time in a tight little knot, and I'm all not about that. Just an observation.

Though, in retrospect, perhaps there's more reconsideration to be made... in other things as well.
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If I...

If I ever end up in prison, it will be for attempting to steal Tesla's lost invention from Safety Deposit in the Govenor Clinton Hotel in NYC.

Mark my words... it shall be mine.
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January 12, 1943: By teletype, the Department of Justice reported that Nikolai Tesla died on January 8th, 1943, even though all other records of his death state that he died on Jan. 7. Additionally, objects in his safe were missing when it was opened by his relatives.

The plot thickens...
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For the skeptics...

Just so you know I'm not pulling this off of some crackpot website, the complete FBI report is available off of the FOIA FBI site. The first part of the report is 4.6 megs, PDF, I haven't looked at the second yet.
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(no subject)

On page six of the FBI report, there are a large number of redactions, mostly names. However, at the bottom of the page, there is a note that all copies were destroyed on 3/10/58, and that none of the redactions were made under the FOIA, which means that they had to be there before for some reason. Additionally, I am still puzzled as to why Tesla's effects were put in the jurisdiction of the Alien Property Custodian, being that he was a naturalized citizen.
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