December 4th, 2001

run the fuck away


Shannon and I started talking again... oh, sometime last semester. First it was polite, perfunctory conversation, but we've warmed to each other again... and now...

The latest thread of conversation started with Shannon deciding she needs to get laid. As you can imagine, there was some interesting conversation about that, considering I was really her only experience, there was alot of very frank discussion.

And we're really close again. Nothing as psychotic as last fall, praise the dieties, it's a very... bizarre friendship. Kinda a, 'close singles cuddle time while we talk about our other interests' sorta thing.

It's nice to be friends with special people, and I fortunately have surrounded myself with them. From the People in K-town, and my People around and about Siena, to Shannon, in NJ, and all my special LJites...

It's good to be a Remy.
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run the fuck away

Good Morning Friends

YAY! I'm taking a moment to go... yay Remy. I'm happy to be. My workload looks doable. The big thing, my DB project is already half done. I've been making good friendly friends in both new people, and people I'm just rediscovering.

I want tp, after learning the techniques for a few different styles, start developing a martial art based on total empathy for your opponent. A complete understanding, and even a sensation of the pain you inflict upon them. It's a dream, but it'd be awesome.

We need an awareness of other people as... people. How often do we walk past someone in a crowded hall and not even register them? Just dodge around them and keep going? This nonexistance of others is kinda scary...
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television ain't all bad...

While listening to "In the Garage" by Wheezer, I flashed back to a show I haven't seen in far too long. It started on NBC, but wasn't mainstream enough to cut it, and ended up in obscurity on FoxFamily of all things- feh.

Anywho, the show was "Freaks and Geeks," and it is about a brother and sister and thier two groups of friends, in the early 80's- he's a high school freshman and a geek, and has geek friends. She's a senior, and is friends with the rebellious freaks.

It is one of the few shows about social rejects that doesn't get saccharin. It gets cute on occasion, and is often sensitive, but it's not serious. More honest to reality than alot of other things on television.

Cute example: The brother has a thing for a really cute girl, so he brings her out to shoot off model rockets.

It also happens to be the ONLY fictionalized accounting of roleplaying that portrayed it in an even light, not as something to be laughed at. That was actually a really cool episode, the school bully was punished by being sent to the AV squad (where of course the geeks hang out), and they ended up turning him on to D&D. It was rather amusing.

Sorry, just had to flash back to that. My media culture moment is over. Pax.
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Explain why this doesn't work?

create table STAR (objectID number primary key, name char(12), type char(15),
color char(15), x number, y number, z number);

insert into STAR values (0, "Sirius", "9Alfa", "AIVm", -16, 42, 58);

The error is that "AIVm is not a valid place to put a column."
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A quote...

Stealing a quote from my ever special Lizzerpoofs:

People shouldn't say, "I love you." If it were true, it would be obvious... people should say "You love me," when someone else has demonstrated that love to them.
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run the fuck away

I have a neet roomate...

My roomate bought me chinese food. And offered to buy me some Sushi later. Once I have a job I'm going to have to come back and take him to Tai-Pan or Sushi King.
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