December 3rd, 2001

run the fuck away

I love you all...

I'm having a happy moment. Over the past few days, I've been... changing. Some activities I knew would cause this, and they have. And it's a good change. I'm feeling more relaxed, mroe sure of myself. I'm ready for some fun. And I'm ready for anything.

But, what to say about today. Well I forgot that it was Sunday, and as a result, missed Drew's RP. Doh. But I did go and have fun with the dance practice and hanging out at Sarah and Dennis's afterwards.

I just made a joke so dirty a mormon didn't realize a joke had taken place.

"Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger."

"Shoots her in gentle, painless way."

Or am I the only one who does get that joke?

Posh! And fie upon ye! FIE FIE I say!
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run the fuck away


I wish I were the reincarnation of Tesla. Right now, what the world needs is Tesla. WWTD? What Would Tesla Do? Heh... I've been feeling very Aquarian. Take Nietzche, and make him a hippie. That's been my mood. I dunno... I'm wierd, and it's hard to explain. I had a long debate with Sarah and 'Manda over my conception of Utopia, which is rather unreasonable with the current state of affairs- but then again, isn't that the point of a utopia?
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run the fuck away

Houston, Something is Actually Working...

Heeeeeyyy! Rawk on! I got all my tables working for my database project. Now it's just a matter of setting up enough data to see for sure that everything works, and setting up a few triggers and a "check" constraint. I think I missed that class. Suck. I'll figure out what a check constraint is, I'm sure.
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