November 30th, 2001

run the fuck away

Night of the Living Geek

Dance was joyful. Didn't do as much dancing as I normally would, because I met another sexy geek. She was sitting off to the side, refusing to participate, so I was like, "What the hell, I'll strike up a conversation and get a feel for the girl." She had a vaguely gothy look, and I was expecting something more akin to Jill (bleh!) than anyone worth really dealing with. Something about the way she just stared blankly with this somewhat dour expression. Anyway, I get her talking and discover... she's a Physics/Archie major at RPI, switching to Phys/CompSci. I was like... duuude. She's a geek. And a knowledgable one at that. Bonus. However, she's a freshman- and I mean a total freshman. Still kinda stuck in the rebelling against the parents. Still kinda stuck in the "I've gotta be different and phreak people out". She actually reminds me of me four or five years ago. Smart, determined to stick out, and a little... irresponsible. We were swapping explosive recipies for a bit, and relating stories of questionable moral nature involving such toys.

What does this all mean? It means that I'm all about evoking the cool potential, and avoiding anything undercool. Not to say I have any attentions to go in and force her to change or anything, but I'll provide the opportunity. Get a feel for her. I really like her already, mostly because of the amount of myself I see in her. I can't really say I'm crushing, simply because it'd be too narcisistic. Creepy even.

She's also interested in heavy weapons fighting. Just starting out. Oh, and a tad on the self destructive/masochistic side. Those little things...

Hung at Denny's for awhile, and had a good time batting around ideas for the sketch/comic of "Gods and Goddesses: An Adventure in Kindergarten". Great lines like, "Odin! Keep running around with that stick and you'll put an eye out!" "'Set, what do you have for lunch today?' 'Osiris.'" "'Hermes, what are you having for lunch today?' 'Aphrodite ::wink wink::'" and of course, who can forget YHWH, sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth going, "I am the only god, I am the only god, there's nobody but me here."

It seems to be "get sexy with your ex week", all PG rated of course. I've got my reputation to think of. But as it is, I've had some serious conversations with all of my recent ex's about thier sex lives, lack thier of, or discontentment with. Basically, every ex but Becky. Some good conversations though, frank, honest and well.... fun.

Remy's Sexy Geek List (Tech Geeks Only)

  • Dr. Flatland (also a T.I.L.F.)
  • Marie
  • Kelly
  • Remy
  • Hexadecimal

If you're a sexy geek, and your name is not on this list, IM me at TeslasBrat or get me on email and we can discuss your qualifications. If you're on this list and don't know why... just trust my judgement.
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run the fuck away


This is my creative project for existentialism- the first draft anyway. I like the general concept, I'm probably going to make it with a larger resolution, maybe change the colorscheme a bit.

The Myth of Sisyphus
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run the fuck away

Silly Remy...

Bad, bad naughty Remy. He forgot one of his other sexy geeks, Kvaedi. She belongs on that list too.

Anywho, other news... Web Design presentation went well. That's all the exciting stuff, I'm romping off to have a weekend.
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