November 29th, 2001

run the fuck away

Wait a second...

Site is up and mostly done.

Remy's life tends to be full of, "No way, you didn't... you couldn't... I mean... Life's not fair. It's too frigging nice to you. You get away with things that NO ONE else could!"
run the fuck away

Well now...

Not only is the site mostly done, but I had a great conversation with Shannon too. Sort of. Bah... just wierdness. Quirkyremyness existance. Anywho, another note: Nikolai Tesla was a mad scientist and a geek- and a popular socialite who got tons of play.

The preceding had nothing to do with anything.

And on another note- being that the site is almost completely done, and I have a PayPal account (although I can't get the button to work on the site for some stupid reason), which means soon ARIA will be accepting donations, I will be venturing sleep word in about half an hour, and getting up at 8, that way I can have a full day. And a breakfast. On low sleep, breakfast is crucial. Tomorrow's late night project? E/R diagrams for my Database project.
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run the fuck away

IE Sucks...

Frickin' IE... displays things diffently than Konquerer. Now I've gotta go touch up my web page. Bah!

Side note... Breakfast is neet. Marie and I are probably getting together so that I can use the Database book and she can use me for my experience with the windows user interface and modding it.

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