November 27th, 2001

run the fuck away

In other news

Well, I now have a nice silver and black sticker with my name on it on my keyboard. Don't know where my roomate got it, but there it is.

I'm no longer doing the Chaos Eucharist... due to my incomprehensibleness today I screwed it up within the first few hours. So... blah. I think I'm just going on a remyquest for the next few weeks. Lifetimes actually...

Yay remyquest.

Remy	-	Double 'O Agent
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run the fuck away


This is most decidedly a Grateful Dead morning. I'm awake, refreshed, and self aware again. You know, last night's little episode happens two or three times a year, and I think that's all too common. But the thing is, rebelling against it is quite silly- there's nothing to rebel against, because that would be a rebellion against my self... a denial of my own self.

That sucks.

But, that doesn't mean that I have to wallow in it either- I don't have to lose control all the time. What I need to do is really get to know those loss of control moments, examine them, and understand them for the goodness that they are- for there is some there. Then I can work on directing them somehow. Lord knows there's alot of force behind them, amazing amounts of energy. Give that force a form... and then we've got something to work with.

This could be very, very cool.
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Between now and then: Existentialism Creative Project
		    : Company Website
November 28th: Last Commentary for Early Modern
	     : Presentation for Web Design
December 10th: Database Project
December 13th: Existentialism Presentation (Nietzche's Eternal Return and 
		Camus' Myth of Sisyphus: Cycles and Hopelessness in Philosophy)
	December 20th: Paper on said presnetation is due.

This is sooooo doable. w00t.
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(no subject)

I feel like a quote out of context, 
Withholding the rest, 
So I can be for you what you want to see, 
I've got the guestures down, 
And the timing and sound.

Yay Ben Folds Five.

Anywho, today's running pretty darn smooth. Got a headache though, but no matter. I've got to finish that paper, oh and tack on one last glitch to my homework assignments.

Database Homework #5 - December 9th
Problem? It needs the book. I don't have the book. Feh.

I'll see if Marie or Pete wants to get together to work on it. Preferably Marie, she's a hottie. Gotta love someone who purposefully goes to class a minute or two late, just cause she can. Course... I usually walk in at about the same time she does. Bah!

"From some other planet I get this funky high off a yellow sun..."
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run the fuck away

An apology...

Before I forget, let me apologize for the past day. As I've said, it happens to me, but excuses aside, it's inconvenient for all involved, and downright harmful for those close to me. I'm working on it, but patience is appreciated and needed. It's at those times my background in philosophy becomes dangerous, because i start taking on the identities of different philosophers as an escape, using Hume to distance myself from things I regret saying, and the like.

However, I must say this: I agree with everything I said yesterday- in a way. I most certainly do not agree with the way I said most of it, and the interpretation that I agree with is most likely not the one I meant at the time.

But I still hold it as true, and I still hold it as the words of my own mouth.
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run the fuck away


Hey... I just saw a flyer for the Medival Dinner on Thursday, December 6th Sponsored by Hawk's Aeire. This happens to be the same medival dinner that we cancelled because we couldn't get our acts together on it.

Hrmmmm... could this be a problem? NO! It's sooooo doable...

To quote a pair of sages of my aqquaintance, "It's no problem!"
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