November 19th, 2001

run the fuck away

Displeasing Happiness

Can someone be happy while suffering?

I think so. It's a matter of knowing the rightness of your act- accepting a painful circumstance because it makes you and the world around you better, and even though it hurts, you're happy. Because it's just so smart. Because you're on the right path.

It's the "Oh shit" of having to rise above your weakness, and the joy that comes from it.

I'm not sure I can explain this well.
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run the fuck away


Due to other stuff yesterday, Remy's tree climbing adventure never happened. Today, after lunch, Remy is setting aside his afternoon in this noble purpose. If I don't finish in time for Web... well, I don't go. And I have a great excuse.

Cue two minute memory montage, flashback to touching moments from past episodes, end with the current sad situation, cue "Awwww" the two people walk out seperate doors.

----Life as a sitcom... (sitcoms are evil)
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run the fuck away


What? It's not morning. I know, I just felt like saying that.

My tree climbing adventure was muchly fun, even that part where I sat in a tree for ten minutes wondering if there was a way to get down that didn't involve breaking myself. My arms and legs and abs are dead. That's a killer workout, let me tell you.

Siena is bitching that I haven't taken Calc, or more accurately, that the Calc I took is 3 credits when it's supposed to be four. I transfered it in from Marist, and if they don't straighten that out and give me a waiver, some heads will roll. Let me tell you.

Wow... fatigue. Ko, I'm gonna go relax and let my muscles unwind. I've gotta dig up some research for my existentialism paper before I go home, and I need to have my DB project started and finished really soon. It's almost december. AARRRGG!

Okay, normal whining bit is over. Back to fruity remyland. Fruity? 'Manda put a rainbow ribbon on my hat. Rainbows are pretty. "Man, I hate rainbows! They crawl up your leg...." Anywho... why not smile?

I may be hanging out with Christa and Missi tonight. Might I add that Missi's hair looks good for a change. She did nothing with it, and I advised her to make it a habit. Less frizzies. I need to spin around till I'm nauseous, but instead, I think I might read some more fiction.
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run the fuck away


Thbbbbbth happens to be a name of a roleplaying character I once used. Think Puck, but on crack.


I have a dancing pengin in the top left corner of my desktop. Yay Tux.

Have I been getting increasing random? Nope. Anywho, I was supposed to hang out with Christa and Missi tonight, but apparently it's not happening, being that as of a quater of 9, we've heard nada from Christa. Pity, I was kinda looking forward to spending some time with her. Ah well...
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