November 16th, 2001

run the fuck away

Looking back...

At sometime between six and eight pm, my Chaos Monastasism ends. I'm not sure about closing it, simply because I've accidentially booked myself tight between then, so perhaps I'll extend it until I can get to the park across the street and put a proper cap on the festivities.

At any rate, I take this moment to look back, and I can say that i've actualy learned stuff. About M itself, about Me myself, and about those around me. My first week, I spent it focusing my will, and learning what I personally was capable of in effecting change, then last week, I spent it trying to create an awareness of the world around me, and the consequences of my actions, and finally, I tried to get it all to make sense in the world. Funny, the hardest one to do was make sense of it in the world.

So hard in fact, that even when my Chaos Monastsism ends, that duty won't. Life is a process of learning how to live. If you ever actually learn how to live, then everything is pointless, but if you end up constantly questing for it...

THAT's life. Quest. Striving. Perpetual motion. Not to say that you can't stand still, but one must be careful in standing still. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, and that's no good way to get someplace.


I love you all.
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run the fuck away


My gAIM script is up and running for both funny popups (commands that include everything from something useful, like !time, to things like !frisk), and for divination !divine.

IM TeslasBrat or InfinityWatcher for more information.

take a moment, and be someone else today.
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run the fuck away

On a side note...

Remy's a tiny tad depressed today.

It comes and goes. Been awhile since I've had some moodswings. This week was kinda stressy though, and I get pissy when i'm stressy, and angry when I'm pissy, then angry at myself for being both angry and pissy, and it all kinda poops into a slight depression.

I should handle stress better than that methinks. Bah!

/me throws on a cape, leaps from an open window and flies off into the sunset.
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run the fuck away




[gears clatter and fall all over the ground, and a giant coil spring shoots out, decapitating a headless horseman]
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