November 15th, 2001

run the fuck away


Good morning world.

Remy need sleepies... but I refuse to nap... makes me feel pretty shitty more often than not.

Todo: find out the names of people that I'm becomming friends with.

It's always really embarassing to have long, fun conversations with people and not know the tiniest thing about them.

I need to start having breakfast on Tues/Thurs... it ends up dragging me down the whole day, because I go till 2:30 without food.

Nowwww... if only I can find a way to get to dance tonight...
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run the fuck away

One more thing...

The Fall by Albert Camus. Great book. Strong reccomendation. Something about an entire book that is a confession of your own sins. Sorta...
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run the fuck away


"Where do I put the books, there's so many I could read but they all are filled with lies, where do I put the lies there's so many I could say, but it seems they're in the books."

yayayay VAST.

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run the fuck away

OH my god!


I had one plastic smiley, and after dropping it in my glass of water, blowing ltos of bubbles and the like, I now have TWO!!!!

My hands bring miracles! BWHAHAHAHA!
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