November 11th, 2001

run the fuck away

Tempus Fugit

Like whoa...

From armor workshop to Wolf Road, hanging with Jen, 'Manda, Liz, Brett and Jamie, to the RPI Players Party, chillin' with Jen and lots of accquaintances/strangers.

Tonight... was... neet.

After the usual fun hanging out with the "crew", I actually had a normal (for a player's party) experience. No Beth induced angst, no sitting in a corner the whole night in melencholy. I moshed. I spazzed. I bounced on the dance floor like an epileptic on speed, dancing with Chuck, with crowds, with people I brealy know. Did a rather distasteful thing to get a cloven fruit just so I could make sure I had the balls to offer it to a stranger (which I've never had the gumption to do before). She had the longest hair I'd ever seen... probably about mid thigh.

I must have been quite the sight, in my Trenchcoat, wearing my scarf, chuck in hand, bouncing and gyrating, letting my body roil with Chaos, reveling in it.

And why is it, that you can't carry a cane sized device and dance without strutting like a stereotyped pimp?

Or was that just Chuck's doing. Chuck's determination to get laid was overwhelming, and I think she might be at some point tonight... she's got that whole dream thing, like she did with Sarah. But I'll be really jealous if she snags long hair girl....

Heh... you can tell any lightwieght infatuation with a stranger by how I refer to them. <> girl. Like Towel Girl (who did a great service by wandering to the shower in just her towel, Smiling Girl, who's smile was eye catching, Atari Girl (whom I later got to know as Christina), who just looked plain cute in her atari shirt. Now, added to the list is long hair girl.

From an objective standpoint, I find it quite funny. Of course, I've found pretty much everything pretty funny as of late.

Share a Zen moment with me. ZEEEENNNNNN.... okay, done.
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run the fuck away

One more thing...

I think Missi may actually have been eaten by what she was conditioned to percieve as a dragon. She was supposed to be at the players party with Christa (an RPI friend), who wanted to talk with me about Chaos Magick. And though the two were seen early at the party, by the time Jen and I arrived, say 1:00ish they were gone. And the party would have started at the earliest midnight. They never get underway faster than that.

Well, I'm pretty sure she'll not get dead, she's got enough of a head on her shoulders to avoid that circumstance, and I won't actually get concerned until sometime tomorrow evening, if I haven't heard from her by then.

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run the fuck away

Night of the Missing Persons!

Bwap bwap bwap!

Last night, was the night of the missing persons. This morning I discovered that none of them were dead. But... Sarah and Dennis were supposed ot be at the armor workshop, but weren't. Missi and her friend Christa were supposed to be at the Players Party, and at 5am, when I finally went to bed, one would expect my roomate to be home.

I know Sarah and Dennis live, but I don't know why they weren't there. Missi anc Christa left early because they didn't think we were coming and Christa was tired, and my roomate... umm... well, he passed out behind townhouse nine, and security took him to the hospital. Which is a problem. A) He doesn't remember it. B) He's underage and C) He's had previous alchy violations. Oh, and D) I'm the one who got him the bottle of vodka so he could have a drinking contest.

Oy... Hopefully he won't get kicked of campus. 'Cause that would suck.
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run the fuck away


On Hope

Hope? I will say this: I have changed. I myself, have become someone new, and at my will.

What more do I need? Once I have changed myself, what else do I need to change? What other actions do I need to take?

None, but my choosing. Why hope for a better future, because I have already made one! Yet I Hope anyway, eternally... for my change, my growth is never completed. Forever, onward, upward, faster and deeper, I move into this life, getting close and closer to understanding Hope, and Dreams.

On Faith

I have no Faith in God. Faith is belief without knoweldge. I know God. The nature of diety is omnipresent, from the emotions in my heart to F=MA or E=MC^2, I have knoweldge and witness of God in action. No, there is no faith in God.

Yet, without faith, I am not. For I have one strong faith, one unshakable faith.

I believe in mankind. I believe that we, as a people, as a species, as a fragment of the infinite universe, will grow, will learn, and will make life better for ourselves and those around us, and transform the Universe into a garden of eden, an Avalon, and an Atlantis.

I believe this, not because I have any evidence, but because I must, less I die from a lack of Hope; I believe this, not because it is True, but because It Should Be So.

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