November 10th, 2001

run the fuck away

I'm a Stunt Artist

Well now... tonight was a great night... the afternoon is pretty good too. ::wink wink:: No need to discuss that...

But tonight... ahhh... tonight. Sarah, 'Manda, Dennis, Liz and I all got together in Sarah and Dennis'apartment and had a ball. We did a night full of energy work. We got really jazzed too... haven't worked like that in awhile... even the last visit to Trimount didn't jazz quite the same way. I've found my vulgar magick group. Basically, I wanted to get together a small cabal, lease some space where no one else would enter, and we'd all work on doing the stuff that's real blatant... stuff like fireballs, warping space (speaking of, the apartment got a little bigger, I swear). I'm going to track down my laser pointer and start working on some mage-tek, like a mageblaster centered around a laser beam with a few... addons. It'll be fun.

The bragging point for the night? Three or four of us managed some actual telekenisis. I've never seen anything like that before... it was awesome. Go ahead... call me crazy, deluded and... whatever. I dare ya...

You'll be half right... ::grin::
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run the fuck away

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Occultism by Remy

Chapter 21, Communing with Astral Beings and Spirits.

"The best way to start this section is to remind you that the universe was constructed with a sense of humor inherent within it. When dealing with spirit forms, this is key to keep in mind.

"Some things are especially important. Dragons are like cats, and a good ball of energy will keep them occupied for hours, like a cat with a ball of yarn. They also like to chase lowflying planes. The biggest form of joke in the Astral world is the age old genre of the fart joke. A good fart sound is enough to send even the most stoic of spirit forms into gales of laugther. If you're not up to farting, sex is also apprently a big joke..."
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run the fuck away

A serious moment...

As I talk to Missi about the conflict brewing between her boyfriend and I, I clarify for myself some notes about magery.

  1. There is no line between "Magick" and "Mundane". They're perceptions. A television is as magickal as a crystal ball, and a great deal easier to use.
  2. The aplication of the will in what is traditionally known as Magick does not make one person different from any other. A "Mage" and a "Mundie" are both on the same playing field.
  3. Magick is meant to be taken to the streets. It shouldn't be seen as something to practice sealed off from the world. Be in the world, invovled in the world.
  4. Magick is a toy. It is a game. No matter how old we get, in universal scale, we're never going to transcend the "child" level of things. (No matter how old we're convinced our souls are, and how many times they've been incarnated in how many worlds) You can play a game of sandlot baseball, with a broom stick and a tennis ball, or you can join the little leauge and get a high quality ash bat, a finely tooled leather glove, and become completely sucsess oriented. Personally, I'll take sandlot baseball any day.
  5. The line between "good" and "evil" is about as useful as the line between Magick and Mundane. If not less. Generally, that which benefits alot of people we call "good", and that which doesn't we call "evil".
  6. Magick is both a creative and a destructive act. Old patterns have to be done away with to make way for new.
  7. Human beings are essentially egoists. We always work to make the world into the best one we as individuals concieve. Pressing the button at the crosswalk stops traffic in one direction simply because we have a desire to cross the street. We make the world better for ourselves. Even the most humanitarian of geustures are working towards a better world- in the opinion of the person acting.
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