November 6th, 2001

run the fuck away

I was a bad boy...

So punish me... please?

Be creative.

Anywho... BOLD WORDS make for BOLD MADLIBS...

Once upon a time, there was a affirmative, adamant girl named Chuck. Everyone loved Chuck, but that didn't matter. You see she was homosexual and in love with Fairy, who happens to hate homosexual girls. Chuck tried very hard not to be homosexual. She even tried borrowing. But that didn't work.

Then one day while sucking through a very glossy upstairs, she blurbed upon a firey rabbit. This firey rabbit spoke to Chuck and said, "If you can answer my riddle I will grant you a wish."

Well Chuck burped. And she swimmgly said, "What is your riddle, damp rabbit?"

The rabbit replied, "If a gat has a car, how many vaprs does it dying?"

Chuck thought about the riddle and answered, "15!"

The rabbit began greeting, than it gravelled, and turned into a Male Porn Star. The Male Porn Star furked and said, "You are correct! You turned this old rabbit into back into a handsome Male Porn Star. What is your wish?"

Chuck was so happy! She knew exactly what she wanted, "I don't want to be homosexual any more! That way Fairy will fall in love with me."

The Male Porn Star then fucked his firey anus and Chuck was no longer homosexual! She left the upstairs to find Fairy. When she did, she found him bettering Nietzche, the green girl from Grandersonton. And Fairy and Nietzche lived faster ever after. Chuck, on the other hand, died a unseen spinster.

The end.
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run the fuck away

Infinity Watcher

In the Rorshack test, those ink blots aren't really pictures of anything. What they are are... well, ink blots. But those blots take on identity and meaning through observation. You seem them as something. It doesn't mean that that one blot is a butterfly and the other is your mom fellating a dog- it's just an ink blot.

Reality works the same way. I'm not typing at a computer, except that myself and everyone else percieve that the computer exists- including the computer. We've been ingrained to see the same thing in an infinite universe that can present any face it desires- because it is infinite. Infinite not just in dimensions, but in possibilities.

This kinda gets into that whole "nothing is true/everything is true" thing.
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run the fuck away

A song.

Is it so wrong,

To ask your girl,

To wear a thong?



NO! It's not wrong,

NO! It ain't wrong,

NO! It's just so right,

I can feel it tonighT!

Is it so wrong,

To ask your girl,

Not to wear a bra?



Is it so wrong,

To ask your girl,

To wear a strap-on?




It ain't wrong,

For her to have a shlong,

There's something right,

'Bout a dildo tonight,

It ain't wrong!


For your girl to wear,

A manufactured dong!
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run the fuck away


I have this overwhelming need to be the best.

At what? everything.

I have to have the fullest friends page. I have to be the hottest violinist on the block, I have to win whenever I fight. Problems with this? First off, I don't have the drive to go with the compulsion. I get in these viscious cycles as a result of such desires, because I just won't put the work in to be the best. One reason why for the time being I'm going to back off of competetiveness. But also, I lose learning opportunities. I get hung up on winning, and not on learning.

It's sooooo friggin' stupid, and decidedly unfun.

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning.

The aurora borealis is out tonight.
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RPI players party.


Have to see who's going. I hate to be a mooch for a ride though, 'specially since no one on campus is going (being that Missi's the only person I know on campus that goes).

Hopefully I'll be a tad more personable and cheerful than at my last... all I can remember was sitting in a corner being morbid.

Not in the mood for that, now are we Remy? Noope.
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Otherwise it's called a coma. Actually, coma has been decreed politically incorect, please use the term alterness challenged.

Ever notice that political correctness jokes have gone out of style? And to boot, we can no longer make jokes out of fight club, being that blowing things up is terrorism, and everyone is in a tizzy.

I'm more afraid of our own government- our own society, than I am of terrorists. The worst terrorists are going to do is kill me. At least that has the good grace of reasonable brevity, instead of years and years of steady degredation, years and years of being brought down to the lowest common demoninator.

Wait a second... no one can reduce me to the lowest common denominator. I AM REMY of course! So, okay, maybe the terrorists are more of a problem for me, but for people as a whole, I'm still more worried about our government.

I don't feel safer when I've got a camera on every corner, turbans are banned, and we have ceramic detectors to find knives in every public building.

I'll just feel watched.

It seems to me, much like drugs, that this terrorism thing, drastic, tragic as it is, is being drawn out, redirected, to give us a new big baddie (replacing drugs, which was really loosing it's power as a big evil villian as people started to learn that things like pot aren't so bad after all). This new one, this Bin Laden threat that can come from anyone, anywhere is sufficiently spooky to have everyone looking over thier shoulders, and as a result, all sorts of shpif new legislation can be passed to keep the government in power and expand it's power.

I'd call for revolution, but it's terribly politically incorrect at the moment. It's terrorism after all to even think such thoughts.

Treason even.

So instead, I'm going to call for a reawkening of social consiousness. Embrace your individual self. Shake off the desires of others, and find your own desire. Once you know what you want, you can start considering feasability and how to help others. Once you know what you really want, all the advertising in the world can't sway you. All the video cameras in the world won't get into that inner self, and there's no way on earth to detect the fact that you are carrying the most potent weapon on the face of the earth- a self possesed individual.
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Duey, Cheatum and Howe has an opening for a secretary. Must be willing to wear a strap-on dildo, have good typing skills, and be an expert in interpesonal communication. An appreciation of fine cigars is a plus. Call 555-7588 to set up a face to dildo interview.
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[Narrator] Starring Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett L. Brown, this expansion upon the famed Back to the Future saga takes us back in time, this time to pay visits to individuals such as Nietzche, Kant, Thales, Socrates, and yes, even Zeno! Watch as the crack brained Dr. Brown helps each of the famous philosophers through thier own personal crisises with his odd brand of mad scientist wisdom, some crazy gadgets, and the occasional visit from a big name star!

Airing this fall on YOUR Television network.

[Cut to C. Lloyd in front of the DeLorean]

[Lloyd]: Lets get BACK to PHILOSOPHY!!!!!

Christopher Lloyd is so much fun, but he really doesn't know how to pick scripts.

Urban Commando, Angels in the Outfield, etc.

ah well...

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with anything.

Hail ERIS. Her golden apple corps are strong.
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run the fuck away


"There's parts of me that will be missed. And the phone is always dead to me, so I can't tell you the temperature is dropping, and it feels like it's colder than it out to be in March, and I've still got a day or two ahead of me, until I'll be heading home into your arms again, and the people here are asking after you, and it doesn't make it easier, it doesn't make it easier to be away."

A Plain Morning - Dahsboard Confessional.
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run the fuck away

Okay... wait a minute right there...

Since when do people start looking at me for Occult advice. I mean, just because I tool around with M, and can spin a good yarn, get into all sorts of trouble that a smarter person would avoid, yet come through unscathed, and maybe learn something if I'm lucky is not a sign that I have any clue what I'm doing. I've learned some basic rotes, like the Chaos Vortex, and a few other similar handy things. I can run a simple ritual. I can come up with creative solutions to stupid problems...

This is not to be confused with having a clue.

Sorry, this is a bit of panic at the thought of someone calling me a teacher, and another person hearing about it and asking me to help them out. I've got three people total looking at me like I have a clue, looking for advice, and tips, etc... and it's really wierd. Last time something like this happend... it was called Trimount.


Well, with any luck, I'm overreacting, and my perceptions of people are off, and additionally, even if that's not the case... I'll do what I always do...


Here there be dragons.
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run the fuck away

Okay... that's better

That last post isn't really meaningful. I needed to vent. When people are asking me about stuff, and there's that kinda feeling of, "You know what you're doing," it phreaks me out. Because most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing.

But that said, I do a pretty fair job of faking.

I'm just a walking surprise.

You on the other hand, are a strap-on dildo. You just haven't realized it yet.

The management is pleased to announce the man responsible for the strap-on dildo humor has been taken into the street and shot.

No I wasn't.

Shut up you! Anyway, feel free to continue enjoying reading the strap-on dildo. Errr... Journal.

Somebody fetch my gun, there's gonna be a strap-on.... er... lynching.
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