November 4th, 2001

run the fuck away

"I am the guide for the lost, who never counts cost..."

Through what providence has Remy been surrounded by such wisdom? Everyone around me seems to, at appropriately select moments, pour a ray of wisdom onto something I had forgotten, neglected, or just had not noticed.

Providence? No, I just can pick out the cool ones. To get a little Sartrian, we have to claim credit for everything that happens to us, good and bad. To only claim credit for the good is to be a braggart, and to only claim credit for the bad is to be a martyr. I want to be a Remy.

I also happen to have a slightly chubby pikachu (not the aborted, twisted and deformed first attempt) origami model sitting upon my monitor... complete with a drawn in eyes, mount, cheeks and bullseye. My dollar bill peakcock is givin' him an evil eye too...

Nothing though will compare to watching Pikachu singing, "Throughout the Projects."

"Bitches know me 'cause they know that I can rock, Bitches know me cause they know that I can rhyme, bitches know me cause they know that I can fuuuuck, bitches know me 'cause they know that I'm on time... throughout the projects!"

If you're clueless, go find it on OtakuVengance, which I forget the exact spelling of the URL for that, but I'm sure it'll show up on google. Also, while you're there I strongly reccomend the Kenshin video set to "Touched" by VAST.

Mmmmmm.... VAST....
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run the fuck away

And another thing...

In some side thoughts to a conversation I had last night about infatuation, I've come to the conclusion that infatuation, like everything else, is niether a good thing, nor a bad thing. Often, infatuation does lead to silly stupid problems, but that's not infatuation's fault- it's a mishandling of it. The tricky thing about infatuation is it feels really good (and sometimes really painful), and we've been conditioned to believe that love feels that good (and that painful), therefore it must be love, and so we get lead into rather silly things in the name of "love", but with infatuation at the wheel.

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run the fuck away

Happy happy joy joi

I like "joi". It looks and sounds really cool. I hereby declare that from now on everyone will spell joy joi, but spelling "boy" "boi" is completely unaccepatble. It looks silly.

I'm feeling kinda silly. It's annoying to be skipping back from the cafeteria and have people trying to hold you in place with thier eyes and wills... "WALK LIKE I DO!" I made a dazzling flying exit from saga, a one door version of the exit that garnerned me those 13 stiches in my forehead. This time however, I didn't draw any blood, just a compliment of, "Niiice exit."

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run the fuck away


"I put the fires out..."

I'm just really, really really really pissed off at the moment. Andy and Drew were giving me a bitch about Chuck, so I gave them the full explanation of why I was lugging the stick around, and they were even worse.

I've gotta do something about that, because I was getting really close and whopping them one with the staff. "Chuck's gonna sit in the hall Remy." "No, Chuck's gonna sit in the crease she makes in somebody's skull."


The Magic draft tourney we played was kinda fun, but I got my ass kicked. Got some cool cards out of the deal. Maybe someday I'll build my own deck.

Roleplay was brief tonight....

OHOHOHOH! I almost forgot! This was the high point of my day, and I almost forgot it.

I've been growing a golem, and at first I intended to have Alicia nurse it, because I'm not the kind of person who really finds it practical to feed magickal beings with blood or sexual fluids. Not to be squeemish or prudish, but it's not how I like to work. But instead, I was feeding the golem off of failures. Mostly origami failures. The folded papers that were just to deformed to continue. At some point I'll torch them for the golem, but not at the moment. Then I started to wonder about the side effects of feeding a creation, however mindless, off of failure.

Anywho, today I tried to acsess Fotamencus, a time altering servitor. Mostly because I was bored, but it worked pretty well. Faster, slower, etc. And I was like, "I don't want to use my own energy to feed you... wait, I can package my golem off into bits, and have each bit be eaten... which is when it struck me.

What if I made a failure siphon, that just collected failure from all around us- our every day mistakes, or grossest errors... and had a golem eat them, and all of the guilt and stuff associated with them? Well, at least eat the failures. Set it up so that if it needs more energy, it expands its drawing area (as opposed to creating more failure). Can you imagine how bloated a golem that would be? And then you could package the golem into bits, and shunt the bits off into a converter- like the process taht would allow Fotamencus to eat the golem, but instead, it would be converting it into raw belief! HA! A belief engine!

It's friggin brilliant.
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