October 30th, 2001

run the fuck away

I am on a quest!

"I am searching for the truth of life!..."
"... Well, I've been in this field a long time son, and let me tell you, the only truth I need is in this bottle..."
"That bottle Wizard?"
"Yes. In fact, I'd rather have this bottle infront of me than....



I'm doing a friends page quest. I start with a random user. I go through thier friends page, and pick a user. I go through thier friends page, and pick a user. And then another page. And I do that until I get to a journal that links back to mine.

Then I go back through and add the cool people to my friends list.

I have faaaar too much time with which to avoid doing my work.
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run the fuck away

My quest ends...

After twenty three iterations, I have reached a journal which I have on my own friends page. This young lady doesn't have me on her friends page, but I figured that it was close enough. I was getting bored.

The full list:
























It was an interesting trip, and at some point, I'm going to go through and dig a few new friends out of it. But anywho, I think we need some sociologists to start examining the LJ subculture.
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run the fuck away

Moronic acid...

Moronic Acid

This is a triterpenoid organic acid that is found in Pistacia resin, and is therefore of interest to people studying archaelogical relics, shipwrecks and the contents of ancient Egyptian jars. But why it's called moronic acid is still unknown... Derivatives of this are called moronates, as in 'which moron-ate the contents of this jar?'

Ref: P.L. Majumdar, R.N. Maity, S.K. Panda, D. Mal, M.S. Raju and E. Wenkert, J.Org.Chem. (1979) 44, 2811.

Thanks to Dr Ben Stern of Bradford University for supplying this one.

It's stuff like this that makes you realize how useful the internet really is.
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run the fuck away


It's completely frustrating to have clarity... have a moment of confidance, surety, and basically... be who and what you want to be.

And then the moment passes.

It's painful. It's friggin' annoying too. And I don't know how to fix it. But i think in a day or two, things will change signifigantly. There's the time travel experiment tomorrow, then there's going to be... something else.

Basically, after Halloween, things will change so that they're at the point which we have been moving towards in the past, or all the goals will change. Either way, the hesitancy is gone.

Why do I let the Sienaite dictate myself? Why do I hesitate to offend them? This isn't me. WHERE IS MY COURAGE? I had it. I was the man who ran an election for Figurehead King of Siena. I plastered Siena Hall with controversial posters. I went to the winter semi in drag.

About where did I get the idea in my head to give a shit about what a Sienaite thinks?

My people! We are oppressed! But we shall overcome! We shall stand up, move up, and we will NOT be held down! And unlike so many peoples in the past, we cannot blame this oppression on the Establishment, the White Man, Europeans, Western Culture, no my people, we can not do that.

We are the cause of our own oppression! We are oppressed because we choose to be! And I choose it no longer! I WILL RISE UP! Shout it out with me! I SHALL RISE UP! I SHALL OVERCOME! I WILL NOT HOLD MYSELF BACK!
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