August 5th, 2001

run the fuck away

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Ummm... I feel like posting, but i'm not really sure what to say. Solution? Ramble!

My parents are out, my sister's bumming around downstairs, and I've done absolutely nothing today, outside of a few hours of Alpha Centauri. Read for a bit. I need more books.

I dunno... I'm kinda bored and lonely. It's funny, up at school, I'll post three- four times a day, on average, and when I'm home.. maybe that many times a week. Maybe. So much more happens up there. More happens when I'm not in a job I hate. When you go to work and hate it, that time is just lost. Your mind just blanks it out, and while you can recall it, you don't feel as if anything happened- the time went by and vanished. It's like sitting in a stupor all day.

I think that's how you feel whenever you're doing anything you don't want to do.

I'm listening to Tommy... mmmm mmm goodness.

Something's about to happen- that feeling of portention is hanging in the air. I've been more aware lately, especially about Amanda. "Amanda's online right now, I'll go log on and talk to her." "Amanda's upset right now. I wonder what's wrong." All this without actually talking to her about them.

Go climb a mirror mountain,
Dash across the Wastes of Ashkaron,
Where stone gargoyles grow,
Like flowers,
And they Watch you,
See you,
In the reflections of the pond,
That swallows the darkness.
run the fuck away

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I need to download a copy of "I want to Grow Old With You" from the wedding singer. I love that movie.

"I miss that cupcake."

Brain drain brain drain,
Vapor flavored rot is sucking away at me,
a sixty cycle flicker,
Strobes the darkness,
and twitch.

It's been a long time since the words have flowed with ease...
Did they ever?
Eat it. Flame it. Be it.
Random words pour from my fingertips,
Blood into the vial,
Will you test it,
And tell me the disease that I have?

Occular refraction,
Electrical discharge,
And politeness.
Important things in this world.
run the fuck away

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I have just solved any faster than light dillemas.

Why, you can have something traveling faster than the speed of light relative to a stationary point in the universe- you just have to put it in a bubble of accelerated time! It's moving at a different time scale then the rest of the universe, therefore, it's not FTL relative to it's own frame of reference!