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Back to our regularly scheduled program...

Well, it seems that I'm starting to get into the swing of things at work- this means less time feeling like crap, and more time getting things done, which means that I actually will have time to myself. Which means *gasp*, I'm going to be updating my LJ again. *gasp awe gasp* This pleases me, because being so seperate from infospace is unhealthy. On the up side, I taught my first class last night, and it went swimmingly. My eval's came out almost perfect 10's, which looks really good to my bosses. What really intrigues me is that my first two classes- last night, an evening class, and tomorrow, an "on-site" at the Office of Mental Health are both classes where I'm basically on my own- which is basically the management saying: "We've got faith in your ability. You don't need supervision." I guess the whole enthusiastic eager employee thing just looks good to 'em. I've started building legacies at work- things that I set up that will be there after I leave. Today, I reogranized the filing cabinet. Hundreds of books laid out in a rational fashion. With a little work and prodding of my fellow staff- it'll stay that way. That's all the work shit. Lets look at some real world stuff- now that my head isn't perpetually spinning, the magick in things is starting to show through again. I rank this as pretty good. I've been learning some more about how to get by in this world, and improving it as I do. Hopefully it'll work out. I decided that I'd hop on the "I've got wings" bandwagon, mostly because I've discovered it does make one happy. They're made out of wood, with some cables and some metal pivots- very Da Vinci. I'm going to build a fleshside set someday, for when I got to a ren-faire as a Da Vinci(cyber) punk. Cause I'm a freak. Cate and I are for certain going to the Ren-Faire near Kingston. We were all worried because Becky et al. were booking hotel rooms, and we had to know in advance if we needed a hotel room- but then I realized we don't. I'm freaking FROM Kingston. We can stay at my parent's place. Hopefully, we can also catch up with Apples and all. I'm supposed to be teaching a class on the day the Ren-Faire starts (May 4th), but that class is most likely cancelled (Zero enrollment). Even if I do have to teach, I'm still done by 4:30. We can catch most of the faire on Sunday. Added bonus- I can bring some stuff back to begin the "moving in" process that weekend. Cate and I have decreed we're getting the apartment we want. The landlord may or may not have realized this yet, but he will. So... that's the upkeep on my LJ. The important stuff. I'd like to also thank all of the peeps that are helping me with my transits to and from work, Cate's friend Jeremy, who has graciously offered to cart me Monday, Wedensday and Friday (he comes from North Troy, I can hop a bus to meet him and get up about 30 minutes later than getting my own ass there), and Seamus/Kevin, who carts me home each night (he works at the Shaker Museum, about a quater mile from where I work, so I walk over to meet him, and he goes a bit out of his way on the ride home to drop me off). Also, one of my coworkers has offered me a ride in (and perhaps out), Uvve. Yes, his name is Uvve (say: Oooo-vah). Thing is, he'd be picking me up about the same time I'd have to leave to catch the bus anyway. Perhaps a little later- but I could snag him on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and save myself a little trouble at least. Anywho, signing off for now... Pax.

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