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I Want to Be Tom Baker when I grow up...

I think that might me a song title waiting to happen... hrm...

Blowbyblow weekend:

My interview last night went really well, tomorrow I have to go in and "Test Teach"... a short, 15 minuteish class. I think I'm going to do origami. Quick, easy, cheap, and hands on, giving them something to take home should be a plus. I was originally considering a violin lesson, but then I realized I couldn't show them how to even hold the bedevilled thing in 15 minutes, so I changed that.

Last night, Cate and I cooked a steak... and so now, I present for you
Cate and Remy's Apple Steak Recipie, version 1.0, distributed under GPL.
You want to work on an inch thick steak of some cut (I don't remember what cut we used).

First, we're going to marinate the steak using:
Enough apple cider vinegar to cover it,
A heaping teaspoon of minced garlic per steak (we cooked two steaks last night).
One sliced Empire apple, covering the steak (nice thin slices)

Let that sit overnight, refreshing the vinegar as it soaks into the steak. By dinner time it should be ready.

To cook the steak, put it in a pan covered with the apples that you marinated it with, some more garlic, and just a smidge of red pepper (I didn't measure, just season to taste). Put this in an oven preheated to 500 degrees.

Meanwhile, take whatever is left of the marinade and put it in a saucepan. Top it off with some more cider vinegar and water until you have enough to make a sauce. Add in a handful of grated extra sharp cheddar, half a Granny smith apple sliced thin, a few pinches of thyme and red pepper, and bring to a boil. Thicken with flour. Five minutes before you declare the steak done put two teaspoonfulls of the sauce on each steak. Once the steak is done, pour off the juice into the sauce.

Serve, and cover with the sauce.

Enjoy, it's wonderful... I advocate a nice and really really rare steak, but vary to taste.

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