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Someone who wanted to get people to use magick to make unmagicky types awaken to its potential:

Actually, this sort of a conversation comes from a common, but inaccurate view of magick.

Magick is used to make the reality experience turn into the reality we want to experience, in its barest form. If someone does a money spell, that's done to change the reality we have to the reality we want. If someone cleans their house with some swiffer pads, they're changing the reality they have to the reality they want.

Premise: Every act is a magickal act.

These people that you want to "awaken" to magick are already plenty aware of its existance. They have different words for it- luck, coincidence, physics, God, insanity, what have you- but they believe in it nonetheless.

And they use it to reinforce the reality they think they want. You've got billions of folks working up to set up a rigid, immutable reality because that's what they think they want. The class of mages most crucially responsible are the ones that run Advertising and Television and the Government.

Also... the most powerful and earthshaking spell I've ever done was a complete placebo. It involved alot of fast talking and changing peoples perceptions without actually doing anything.

In other words... never underestimate the mystical import of culture jamming. In order to reduce the resident banality in my area I dress in odd, loud outfits, carry a cane and twirl it from time to time, make lots of fart jokes, and do other incongrous, irrational things simply because it exposes people to something outside the rigid worldview... it breaks the barrier between what can be and what is.

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