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Happy Saturday...

Yeah... so like... stuff. The ides of march turned out to bite me a bit unpleasantly as it turns out. I was underpleased.

First off on the lowness... I got far drunker than I ever want, wanted, or shall be again. Second off... there was a bit of messiness with other people... some nudity, some stuff... and yeah. Suffice it to say, the aftereffects left me feeling rather uncomfortable with myself, though that's passing.

On the upswing.... the Catefriends and I clicked wonderfully. There was muchmuch fun had overall. I had a tattoo artist laugh at me when I explained the quick cheap thing I wanted. Three lines on my wrist, which will be the start of a bracelet that goes "0111011101110" and so on. But it was still only $10. Yay for $10 ink.

Cate got a rather lovely moonphase done on her stomach... goddess style moonphase thingy ) 0 ( in a lovely blue color.

And in about an hour, Cate, Sarah, Dennis, Andrea, Greg and I are going to partake of Tank Girl together. Be afraid. I think by the end of the film I'll be feeling rather better about the stuff that happened really late last night. Drunk people with little modesty and two really really neet whips just leads to trouble.

I played my first drinking game, which is part of how I got into that sorry state. Pishtosh. Life and learn.

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