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Mysteriously, it seems that everyone on my friends page is having lots of interesting, memorable dreams.

Myself, my life has been a wonderful dream as of late. In addition to being deleriously in love, I've been getting more competent and confidant. I've been improving Troy, both in attempts at physical beautification and M-level maintanance. The Court in town seems to be shaping up again, getting whole, but the individual that was in danger is still well hidden away (another attempt at assasination).

And finally... finally... I've conquered the spiders. I've ejected them many, many times, but this time, I just simply said "No," and turned off the entire "reality virus" system that they use. Theoretically, if that system is turned off all the reality viruses cease to function (read die), but I didn't.

They just can't control me. Take that fuckers.

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