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On Time

Time is not linear, right, we've all heard that tripe before. "You're not thinking four dimensionally." Yeah, heard it too. Those sorts of comments are so commonplace, but no one ever really tries to explain the true nature of time, or if they do, they resort to all sorts of nasty and incomprehensible metaphors.

Alright, lets do some thought experiments while I try and hash this out coherently. Lets start with a bowl of water- nah, make it jello. Jello jiggles better. This bowl of jello is the universe. When an event occurs (you shake the bowl, poke it, what have you) it reverberates through the entire bowl.

This is the sort of temporal perception we are used to. Event A happens at time interval T, and the effects all occur at some point in time greater than T. At T+1 the first wave hits the opposite edge if the bowl, and at T+2 it has reflected and bounced off the opposite side. Until at T+10 entropy has cancelled the effect out enought as to make it negligible.

That is a useful way to think about time. It gets us through our day.

But it's not the only way to think about time. Lets say the jello exists for 10 units of time, and in those ten units of time it experiences 10 events- the first being its creation, the next eight being alterations, and the tenth being its destruction (we ate it). Now, imagine that all ten of those events occur concurently.

Damn, that's not good. Strike all of that, lets try again.

Let me ask a question instead, and I'll come back to this topic.

Lets say someone is on a bus, and is running out of time to get to its destination. Let us also assume that he has a small device that allows him to speed up time within ten yards of his body, and he has enough control to shape it to only apply to the bus. He does so, and changes the speed at which time passes in the bus, so that for ever pi seconds on the bus, two seconds pass outside. Roughly an 11/7 ratio.

As a result, the bus makes it to his stop (the last one on the route) ten minutes early. Ten people disembark, including our mad scientist. Now, the question is this- what happens when you have 11 people (the bus driver and the passengers) running around 10 minutes out of sync with the rest of the world?

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