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A poem...

I've decided to experiment with blunt, brutal imagrey in poetry. I wrote this on Wedensday night, and it's really raw- needs revision. The two of them are delightfully... uncomfortable though.

Fabric twisted patterns,
Glowing in the night,
Watch the star fall,
Watch her burn,
I started by lighting her dress,
and a moment later,
A drunken mummer,
Danced for the patrons,
Her song a ragged shriek,
Her makeup blackface and blisters,
And above her glowed a halo,
Singed in smoke and tears,
And how she danced,
And how she died,
Mourning her grace I turned away from the bar,
The patrons cakled at the display,
Life purifed by fire,
Fire purifed by death.

The End
It was midnight when I blew my fucking head off,
I was tired of aching,
And in just such a bad mood,
I thundered in my apartment,
Like a lion in a tea kettle,
So it came to be,
That I gave the first,
And the last,
Blowjob of my life,
To a 12 guage,
And I painted the town red,
With little yellow grey splatters mixed in.

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