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This has nothing to do with the subject, but I'm just going to sit and type and think for a bit, so in a way, this may be torture for the hapless reader.

hapless is a wonderful word. I oftentimes am hapless- it comes from thinking about the strangest things. Instead of focusing on the matter at hand, I'm harmonizing with a random EM field or something stupid like that.

Anywho, I realized that one of my previous posts (the one containing all the haiku) would probably not be taken as a joke. The haiku were serious- and I'm proud of those haiku. The rest of the post was a sarcastic joke... or was it? Or was my claiming it a joke really the joke? Oh so cryptic and mysterious.

The precedeing was also a joke.

The fact of the matter is, I'm discovering my love for the game. The Mask game. Running around with different faces, being different people at different times for different reasons. I'm not very good at it yet though, instead of light hearted mischief, I've been causing stabbing harms. I'll get better at it.

Biggest problem with interpersonal skills like the Mask game are that even when practicing the stakes are high. You can't just go into a quiet room and practice, the only way to get experience at it is to live it...

Much like life. Life has no dress rehersal. You just kinda leap forward and make the best of it. Look at it this way, no matter what we do, we're screwed anyway. The total energy level of the cosmos is going to decrease (should thermodynamics hold true- which I don't believe), the disorder will increase (again, i don't hold that as true), and we are all going to die (untrue). In other words, no matter how we play, we lose. Might as well have fun.

You see what I mean? I used three premises I don't hold as true to justify my worldview. And I do hold the worldview true, but not for those reasons.

It's like when I was going off on a nasal rant about being constipated. "I've got this fist sized rock roight at the bottom of my intestine. I haven't been able to shit right for a week. I tried ex-lax, and that loosened up everything else, but the rock stayed right there. I had to shit like I was a ball point pen..."

It's all on the same level.

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