How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Yes, I do not deny that I am a skinny bastard...

Be pissed, and then laugh with me. Do I care that you're upset? No, not particularly. I'm having an egomaniac day. They come, and they go. They're kinda fun- but not something I'd want every day.

Sarah: feh. andrea's im was not informative as to what you were doing to piss people off. apparently greg thinks you're insufferable. which i agree with... obviously jyll isn't thrilled with you, but i think she's being a yenta... i'm guessing it's your overall in-your-face-accept-me-or-go-fuck-yourself thang combined with the escalating piss fight between you and amanda in which you got on a lot of people's nerves by telling amanda (not a happy camper for reasons other than you) in essence to suck up and take it like a remy
Remy: ::nods slowly:: Uhhh... yeah.. so?
Remy: I'm more annoyed at the reasons she's upset other than me than her upsetness at me.
Sarah: so people are vaguely vexed and disturbed by your behavior and wish to engage in therapeutic beatings... although whether the beatings would be therapeutic to them or to you is indeterminate
Remy: She's going to commit suicide in a few months at this rate- if not physically and emotionally.
Sarah: so you're scared
Sarah: and you probably feel bad a little
Remy: A bit.
Sarah: and you yelling at her for having her feelings and her reasons is going to help things?
Sarah: (regardless that they're STUPID reasons)
Remy: Now, aside from when she's insulted me, when have I yelled at her?
Remy: In fact, aside from taht little tet a' tet, when have I said anything to her?
Sarah: mostly it's just "quit whining" and "you have no reason to be upset". nothing will make people upset and whiny faster because you've just took a bit thwack at their ego. the healthy kind of ego.
Remy: But when have I said that to her?
Sarah: grrr lj won't load
Sarah: it's probably partly what you said to jyll
Remy: I haven't directed that to her at all. I've said it in my own personal LJ, which she doesn't even read- or at least claims not to.
Sarah: and partly y our post that quoted Liam
Remy: Jyll pissed me off. That's totally unrelated.
Sarah: it's nto unrelated because human thought is associative
Sarah: not entirely in a cause-effect way
Remy: I have no associations between Jyll and Amanda. I've never even seen the two of them together willingly.
Sarah: they have associations. and when you say to one person "quit whining" it gets generalized into a "don't anybody whine"
Remy: Of course, you know my personal feelings on everyone associating, and all the little interpretations? They can suck it up and bugger off.
Sarah: and when you say "quit whining" in a general way, everybody applies it to themselves
Sarah: yeah but that's as much as asking them to stop being human beings and themselves
Sarah: and you can ask all you want but all you'll get is dirty looks
Remy: I'm not asking anyone to do anything, accept that I'm being a bastard and not dwell on the fact.
Sarah: we all know you're being a bastard. it doesn't particularly bother me at the moment. but you did want to know why people were pissed at you.
Remy: I think they're silly.
Sarah: you're not playing nice, so don't be shocked if they exclude you from the game.
Remy: pish tosh. They'll get over it.
Sarah: they may just get over you
Remy: we'll have to wait and see, now won't we.
Sarah: we usually do
Sarah: of course there's also the remote chance that you'll get over yourself ;-)
Remy: there's that too, but I'm having fun.

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