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Water flows downhill,
My soul always moves upward,
The less resistant?

The wind moves the leaf,
The leaf tears free from the branch,
Of the tree no more.

Movement stirs the water,
Silver moonlight surfaces,
The rainbow is gone.

Spring blossoms the trees,
As does Fall blossom the ground,
Colors rain in death.

Words obey nature,
Poems follow all the laws,
Truth is evident.

The river courses,
Ending in the blue ocean,
Words end in my soul.

I am infuriated with that which generalizes the human condition. While our experiences may or may not share a high degree of similairty, people are so worlds different that to say the meaning of life is "X", or all people should hold "y" as an ideal, or that "z" is the absolute moral imperative is to deny the individual self!

I am who I am. I am not a human being, I am a Remy. I may have two arms, two legs, and the same basic anatomy as a human being, but I am more than a human being- I am a Remy. This unique combination of events, chemicals, biology and physics will never occur again.

Ever. Do not lump me in with the rest of you. I'd advise that you do the same... do not lump.

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