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TAURUS (April 20-May 20): No offense, Taurus, but your
metaphorical fantasy muscles have grown a bit flabby. Possible
cause: your overconsumption of glossy entertainment concocted
by Hollywood hacks. You've got to do something! Looming
decisions will require your imagination to be in top shape. I
suggest you launch an intensive exercise program, beginning
with these calisthenics. 1. Visualize yourself as a superhero.
What are your powers? Your costume and name? 2. If you could
summon a brilliant ally from history, who would it be and what
would you want to discuss? 3. Dream up three stories you'd love
to read in the newspaper. 4. A skilled tapestry weaver offers to
create a masterpiece featuring scenes from the great turning
points in your life. Which events will you choose?

A homework assignment? Rawk.

1) Ever fond of the sci-fi look, Remy's superhero persona would involve lots of plastic fabrics and metallic colors. In fact, I think my skin would turn a nice gunmetal blue, counteracted with a deep purple (think blood) hair. A one shoulder cape would grace my torso, over a doublet and floofy shirt. Black breeches and buckettop boots would cover my lower body. Tucked into the sash I use for a belt would be a cutlass and a black powder pistol. Over my left eye would be a delightfully cyberpunk looking eye piece which is wired into the gun... what get's targeted in the HUD gets hit. That simple. The gun itself is self loading, synthesising the round and charge right in the chamber. The cape is impenetrable.

The name? No real superhero picks its own name! (something with the word "Dashing" in it would be great though. Oh! Brash Bucanner! I approve).

2) Only one? That limits me. Ideally, I'd pick Tesla and Da Vinci, but with only one, I'd have to go for my man Tesla. What would we discuss? Methods for constructing big dangerous devices for no other reason than because we can. Heeheee! Big badaboom!

Flatulance Saves Lives!
Doomed Populace saved through gassy foods.

I Love the Fall!
The impact from falling ceases to be damaging.

Interet Achieves Sapience!
The Internet contacted researches today.

Very carefully, I would have the weaver pull together all those nasty mistakes- those low points, when I was real close from taking the shotgun to my family, when I molested my friend's sister, when I betrayed and hurt people on various occasions. Yes, that and all those other sins would get pulled together, and those scenes would be smaller parts of another scene- like one of those pictures made up of thousands and thousands of other little pictures, to make a portrait of myself, as I am now.

Because despite it all, I've come through better, stronger, and have, in the end, improved the world around me more than I've hurt it.

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