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Hello World

Welcome back to Troy Remy. Why thank you, it's god to be here.

I came back with a load of food, completed taxes, and a completed survey for Civil Service, thereby moving myself into the next step of the ladder for getting a cushy state job as a programmer. w00t.

It's nice to know that I'm still the spawn of the devil, at least if you ask the right people. Kinda a twisted ego boost, even if it simultaneously makes you want to reach through the monitor, across the internet and throttle them with an IDE cable.

But I digress. People always get over themselves eventually, including myself. However, I think I have to clarify my honesty-policy yet again. When I started this LJ, I at no point intended for everyone I saw on a regular basis to end up on here. If you flip back thousands of entries, you'll note that I said as much when both Sarah and 'Manda discovered it.

When I first opened this LJ, I did so on the premise that it would be an accurate representation of my life. This isn't a place meant for communication with my friends, and keeping each other up to date on stuff. This is kept so that Zarpdoorf from the planet Grek can log into our primitive communication network and see what it's like to be the Remy.

That is why I throw the curtain aside. As it is, I don't post everything. Rather nasty dreams like where you're in your room masturbating, then suddenly without wanting to be, you're fucking someone up the ass and trying to figure out how you got there, and why you're enjoying the look of pain on thier face so much. That was a few nights ago.

I'm going to try to be a bit more faithful in my LJ, in both frequency and accuracy and completeness. If you're not going to like it- go away. Not out of my life, out of my LJ. You can partition out your section of reality to only include the parts of me that you want to deal with, and more power to you.

Just so ya know.

In other news, the day at home was refreshing. Saw Apples for an hour or two, played catch up- he may come to visit up here at somepoint soon, yay! Did some paper work, watched a special two hour episode of Junkyard Wars (god that show rocks- but it's getting too mainstream). I'm almost done with The Picture of Dorian Gray. Lovely, lovely novel. In some ways, I want to emulate Dorian, in others he's hateful.

Speaking of, I recently found an essay I wrote about how we should never Hate, and how that while balance was so key, but certain things could never be balanced- which itself is an unbalanced statement. It was young and idealistic, and rather cute... but oh so insipid. Behind it however was a rather neet story about a sci-fi POW. That could use a bit of work, like removing the scene that was stolen (and modified) from 1984 (how many lights are there).

Anywho, peace out for the time being, I'll probably land at SUNY tonight... or I think that was the plan. Cate should be out of class in an hour or two and I'll know it then.

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