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Undergood start to the day. Cate and I are lounging, telling ourselves that we should get up and start our day when the phone rings. Sarah, who was up at a reasonable hour, answers it, and says, "Cate, it's your brother."

So of course Cate gets up to answer it, wondering why on Earth or Jupiter he'd be calling my place.

Unfortunately, we found out why. He was drugged and subsequently raped last night. Yeah, so that starts a tweaky mornin'.

My current music however happens to be one of my most favorite songs. Today's slate is as follows: shower, dishes, food, harassing potential employers, playing some games, going to Greg's stint at the Larkin, hanging out with Cate.

Since we've met Cate and I have not seen each other maybe 3 days out of February. And it's just getting more and more comfortable. Much more comfortable really... I spent yesterday being squishy and really cuddly.

Bah... this thing with her Brother is twitching me.

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