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A walk...

in the park.

Cate came over last night (yeah, as if that's unusual), and we went for a walk to go see the Castle. Even as we approached it, we knew something was odd. Instead of the archers I had previously seen in the towers, there were warding spells... an automatic defense. The place was disturbingly quiet, no crows were about, nothing was moving. It look empty for all intents and purposes.

Cate and I both projected ourselves in to see what was up. We both arrived in the Great Hall, which was full of gold accents and a blue color scheme, uberopulent, but the Shide nobles kicked me out to the servant's quaters. They had a short chat with Cate, in which they asked about me: "Is that yours?" Bitches.

Anywho, I ran into a rather nice chambermaid who explained to me what was wrong... one of the nobles had died, her secret lover in fact. This morning, the entire city was unnaturally quiet. Birds were not flying, sounds would not carry. It's as if on some subconcious level, the entire city is observing the passing of one of its leaders.

Today I'm going to swing over to the Troy Public Library and see if anyone knows what's what.

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