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A walk...

It's been far too long since I've paid my respects to Athena. It was a lovely walk today.

First, I dawdled about the house, just never seeming to get the gumption up to move. I ended up decorating Mercutio's case a bit, and he was very pleased. So much so, taht while I sat beneath Athena playing him, someone was drawn over and arranged for me to give lessons to their daughter at $60 a month. This I rank as a rather nice thing.

I accidentially scheduled the first lesson for a weekend I'm not going to be around. Doh. Gonna have to talk to the woman and fix that. There's also a "work today get paid today" employment agency on the Triangle. Shitty work more'n likely, but it's a job till I get something worthwhile. Maybe I'll swing past tomorrow and see what it's about.

After a walk like this, it's hard to not believe that a band of Fae are behind Troy's political situation, and that magick is everywhere...

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