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Is just fun to say.

I should go stir the sauce, but i wanted to say hello to the world first. Tonight's dinner, a spot of pasta in a delectably odiferous red sauce, with a side of saut-ay-ed (I'll just go all phonetic since I can't spell it) spinach and mushrooms (with peanuts for more mass to it).

Spent most of the afternoon at the Daily Grind, helping a young lady justify to her friends her vaguely romantic interest in some guy that had turned himself into a lizard man. I am totally in favor of body modification, even though at the moment it is done in poor taste (lizard men), or no taste (random plastic surgery for societal beauty standards). Someday there will be fashions in body implants, and I look forward to it.

Myself, I'm still pondering some Victorian clockwork/DaVinci style wings.

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