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Seems to be lacking. Communication issues between 'Manda and myself... are about as messy as they ever get. No, not the messiest I've seen really. No one is screaming for my head. That I know of anyway.

We've moved into such completely different paradigms. So much so that the world view each of us uses is known as heresy by the other. Yeah, in my personal religion, the one that renoucnes heresy, her style tends to be considered heretical.

I live, I thrive on making the universe bigger and more complex. She's hurt because I'm happier than I've been in a long time, but... it becomes this whole matter of "that was then, this is now." I've changed, she changed. Back in my freshman year in college, we linked wonderfully. For that time, for that place, for that Remy (v 2.3), she was the perfect compliment.

But there have been many versions released, the beta of version 5.0 came out in October, and the release of v 5.2 is now publicly available. All these changes, all this time passing... these new experiences.

I've changed alot, and I'm starting to see more places to change. Stasis is death.

Stasis is Death.

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