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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Weekend Update: With Norm MacDonald...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Weekend Update: With Norm MacDonald...

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run the fuck away
Bah, SNL has been dead for decades. It's just festering.

That however, has nothing to do with anything, aside from the fact that I was live on Saturday Night too.

Ummm... when was the last time I sat here? Sometime Friday morning? Well, Friday afternoon Cate came over, and we all had some fun. Hung out with Sarah and Dennis, introduced her to Lain (yay Lain!). All in all had some fun. Saturday morning started a little undergood, as through a bit of carelessness, Cate and I upset Sarah. That however, cleared up, and Saturday has to be one of the most full days I can remember.

We wandered Troy antiquing, took some pictures of the dead dove we found the other day (perfectly white dove on perfectly white snow, with its stomach torn open and bones showing, delightfully morbid), snapped some shots of the hollow building. Cate and I came up with a plan to take the hollow building (over on Washington Place, the roof and rear wall collapsed, so its basically three walls and rubble), and the surrounding buildings and convert them into an artists' collective.

It'd be really awesome, but we need to get enough people up for this idea first. I'm going to run it past Colleen at some point soon, perhaps after I've thrown together and dropped off a portfolio for her.

Cate and I ran around a bit longer that night, swung over to the Approach, which she enjoyed (very 20's style architecture... just a staircase going up a hill). She snapped a few pictures of me by a building at the top. I had markered my face as I'm wont to do, and she loved the designs.

We also had dinner at Shalimar, and I was greatly pleased.

Then yet again later, we went to see the Prodigals at Valentine's. The Prodigals kick ass. Take Hair of the Dog, make them young, give them twice as much energy, and have them do irish tunes with a vaguely punk style.

And they have an accordian.

There were some sketchy moments with Sarah, but by the end of the night she was dancing with dennis and laughing and having fun (Yay!), and we hung out after the concert and Sarah and Dennis praciticed swing dance to the Clash.

Also, on Third, near Ferry, is a time travel building. The place has all sorts of various kinds of symbology for ornamentation that would just resonate really well with time travel related magicks. I jokingly have taken to calling it the Tardis.
  • Thought you & Cate were going away for the weekend. Or something... ? ::shrugs::

    How are you? Other than hopelessly head over feet... ;)
    • Going away fell through, since the people we were going to see were otherwise detained.

      However, we are going to a big party in Rockland county this weekend so her friends can decide whether or not they approve. ::chuckle::

      As far as how I am, I'm having all sorts of fun. All I'm really worried about is getting a job. Once that happens, everything else falls into place. On the upshot, prospects in that region are looking up.
  • mmm shamimars.....
    i'm jealous ;p
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