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Ladies and Gentlement, Boys and Girls, Deviants of ALLL AGES!

All those interested in magick, mystcism, metaphysics or psi, or as I prefer to refer to the entire compiendum, "M", I distribute this call to arms.

The World is being hounded by the demon spirit of Greyface. Curdmugeons rule the most powerful nation in the world, and operate on the ideal of a bigger and greater wallet, not on the idea of a larger and greater universe.

To this end, I wish to construct a magickal working that will cause a change in the halls of power in our nation, that will turn the curdmugeons into children again, so that they can truly start working on the basis of hope, not fear.

In order to do this, I want to work towards causing this even: I desire to make it snow inside of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Yes, snow indoors. A few inches of snow, enough to have a jolly good snowball fight. There is no set date to accomplish this, but I want to have as many people pushing for it as possible, and to have it manifest as soon as possible.

I ask this: with whatever methods you are most comfortable, start beginning rituals or workings or whathaveyous to this end. Work towards gradually manifesting this intent- I see this as taking each persons little bits of energy and rolling them into a snowball big enough to splatter on Capitol Hill.

Spread the Word, and contact me if you are participating, and have everyone else who participates contact me. If you really want to get into it, send me emails explaining and updating me on your current activities, and they will get posted on a website (URL to be announced later).

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