How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On the Psychology of Trees

Trees are amazing creatures. During the winter they crave that moment when they will start to sprout leaves. During the summer, they crave winter's sleep. How can these two opposites be equally desireable for them? We humans tend to develop certain tastes, but how is it that Trees do not prefer one over the other?

No one aspect of being a Tree is to be admired over another, at least by a Tree. Instead, each possible permutation on Treedom is considered its own special thing, to be loved as what it is. Giving up leaves is wonderful in and of itself, and any attempt to compare one experience ot another is apples and oranges.

In other words, most trees accept their tree nature and accept it in its entirety, not favoring aspects, but experiencing it nonjudgementally. How far can this go? What about being chopped down proccessed or burned? Can Trees accept this as a part of life? In fact yes they can. The fact is, trees are aware and accepting of this because these ends are part of the definition of being a Tree. Trees look at their existance wholistically, and see all parts of it as Treedom.

In the end, Trees accept their reality peacefully because it is.

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