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Today, I went for the most spirtually enlightening walk I've had in a while.

Upon talking to some trees, I learned a bit about how they interact with the world, and compiled a brief psychology of trees. I'll post that later, I typed it on my Mako while walking and that's in the other room, and I'm feeling a bit lazy. That, and I'm leaving in a bit to go visit Cate. 'Cause its fun.

I actually spent today paralzyed and demoralized by hesitation, angst etc.. Then I went for my walk and it got much better. I realized I was violiating several of the principles that got Cate and I together- I was starting to take it seriously, and develop expectations. Which may have its place, but this is not it. Because this isn't supposed to ber serious, and I shouldn't expect things from it, but I should let it grow organically, and see what comes out. Nurture it, let it develop its own way.

So today, as Sarah, Dennis and I walked out of Sam's Club, I broke out laughing loudly. Today was basically me going, "Ohhh! It's big! It's scary! What if I can't do it? What if I'm not good enough? What if? Oh no!.... Waaaaiiit. It's not really that big. I mean, its big, but in that cute and cuddly way, and not at all scary. In fact, it's really nothing I can't handle." That's the point that I laughed out loud at myself.

This isn't serious. I am not serious. Unlike Yahoo Serious, which was a terrible mistake on Australia's part. And my new motivational quote, as inspired by : "Carrot Top is better than you."

I know, a miserable, depressing thought, but its true.

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