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On the consciousness of objects...

In traditional thought, objects are just that. Things. The desk is a desk. A thoughtless pile of matter that keeps my computer from hitting the floor.

That is just plain sterile. It is more interesting, more romantic and more comfortable to admit to a more interesting truth... the desk has a will of its own. A desire to be a desk, and to that end, it desires to be used as a desk. It wants to keep my computer from the floor.

The same is true of my computer. It has a desire to compute. And when I write a program for it, it chooses to run that program, because that is what it wants to do. I do not control the computer, or at least no more than the computer controls me. This is true of everything, animate and inanimate.

Now, what logical proof can I give? Given the Universe is Infinite (and therefore infinitely interesting), and that a universe where each object has its own consciousness is more interesting than one where consciousness is limited to a select few critters, to believe in the latter is logically preferable.

Or something like that... ::chuckle::.

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