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The dishes have finally been vanquished! Hurrah!

After a few days of being behind on dishes, someone did a decent sized load this morning, which means I could put all that away and do the remaining dishes and completely clear out the dirty dish pile. Finally ahead, it makes me sooo happy.

Anywho, now I'm going to swing over to the Library, get a card, and then swing past Cathedral Music and maybe Siegel Violins to see if they have the tape you use to mark the fingerboard for beginners. Right now Sarah has some electrical tape, which works alright, but in retrospect, I'm not 100% sure that's going to do wonders for the finish. I'd like to double check and see if I can get something better, and additionally I want to brainstorm out a lesson plan that'll fill 30-45 minutes, not counting fun and bullshitting. I think I'm going to need some staff paper too come to think of it.

Errand time! (Oh yea oh yea! I'm going to run around doing errands... I'm soooooo happy.)

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