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A quick diatribe on relationships

Just to allay the right fears on certain subjects, let me clarify something.

I have odd things about relationships. This is how I tend to approach things, just to keep it clear. First off, the amount of information I'm willing to offer someone about my personal life is absolutely unlimited. A random stranger could come up to me and ask personal questions, and once the surprise wore off, I'd answer honestly. When dealing with new people I usually determine how much to share not based upon trust, but on what interest I percieve. Does this person want to hear this?

So building up trust, overall, isn't a big deal for me. For the most part I instantly have a very high level of trust. Which means that a relationship partner is not someone I trust more than other people. Or trust in a different way.

A relationship, in my opinion ends up being based on the level of interaction. The level of interaction is determined by a combination of duration and intensity. A high level of interaction forms a closer relationship. A certain point on this scale of intensity is called the critical mass of interaction. When you achieve that level of interaction, something in your relationship changes. Sometimes, you end up romantically entagled. Sometimes you end up moving in with them wihle working on job/apartment/gradiation stuff. Sometimes you just increase the amount of time you spend together.

So, when I in some way mention an interest in someone, when I'm not being stupid about it (which does happen alot, I know), that in actuality is my way of saying that I am interested in increasing the level of interaction gradually, both duration and intensity, until such time as a) further increase is undesireable, or b) the critical mass is achieved.

So then, should you hear by proxy that I might have, say, expressed an interest in a recently and messily singled friend of yours... don't sweat it. Just keep your eyes casually open for stupidremystuff. And hit the Remy in the head when stupidstuff happens.

And vaguely related, you can tell the importance of most things based upon thier frequency in my journal. I say most, because for some as yet unknown quirk of psychology, my dear dear Liz (that'd be my Liz, to not be confused with 'Manda's sister) aka Lizzershpoofs, Lizzermuffins, and various other cute terms of endearment almost never gets mentioned in my journal, even though she is a sweety that I talk to all the time.

Perhaps that's because I only know her online.

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