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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

On Absolutism

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

On Absolutism

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run the fuck away
I have, as of late, been accused of being cynical. This is true, and completely false.

If you listen with half an ear, you hear a cynic. If you listen with the other half, you hear a hopeless romantic. If you actually pay attention, you hear a person.

Why do I not hold onto ideas aside from their utility? Let me tell you. It comes to this, I hold one thing as absolutely, invontrivertably true- this one true statement is the source of all my hope in this world.

The Universe is Infinite in all respects. Infinite in size, in possibility, in granduer, in majesty, in hope, in fear, in contradiction, in pain, in love, in joy, in minuteness. How can you hold anything as absolutely true? Why would you want to? What could you gain from it?

I say woe to those who seek a fixed point from where they can hang the world. The earth's orbit transcribes a circle, right? That's what all the pictures show. The earth goes in a circle. Wrong. And right.

The earth circles relative to the sun, but relative to the center of the galaxy, the earth takes a rather spastic corkscrew path. Relative to Jupiter it ends up looking more like a spirograph.

To all those that seek a fixed point to dangle the world from- stop for a moment. Then ask yourself why you so desperately need that. What in the structure of the universe requires that you hold everything still? Why do you seek to shed the responsibility you have, the creative responsibility of truth, in other words, the requirement that you, as a citizen of the cosmos, do everything in your power to create as much as possible. Creation doesn't happen to narrow principles, it happens through the multiplicity of them, through the hodge and the podge and the strife.

Absolutes are absolutely meaningless. Let us turn to the Book of Physics, chapter 11, verse 76. Things only happen at an interface. If you have a cup of water, nothing is happening. It's just sitting being water. Except where the water meets other things. The water is evaporating into the atmosphere, it's changing the temperature of the glass. Inside the water, the interfaces between molucules are full of action, convetion, brownian motion. All manner of reaction. But only at the interface.

Things lack reality in and of themselves- they gain meaning through interaction. And that is why nothing can be held in absolute. Because depending on the context (what it is interfacing with) the meaning becomes something totally other.
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