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I'm tired and spacy...

and as always... the final question that gets asked is...

Remy... where are you

Hate it when i lose important things like myself. I know it's around here someplace but I'll be fooked if I know where.

Is it boterhsome that I throw all these thoughts up here? I always thought my life was so dull- I always failed at keeping a journal because of that... and so in the end, I go bink right here, when I realize that my mind is full o shit to scribble in here.

'Manda Ssarah and I started formulating a hilarious rant... we're going to convert it into a script for either a radio skit or a comic or something of the like. Majorly broight idea it is...

Don't call me that! I hate my name!

And look at it this way... most of my marquee's are nonsequitor, mainly because it is so annoying. But I'm silly that way.

I love you.

I wear alot of random jewlery, alot of it selfmade. I've got glasses, and as of late, my hair is usually pulled up. Each night I go through this preperation for sleep ritual of removing all of those things and just sitting infront of my computer and chilling with tunes until I'm ready to sack out...

i love the process... I have a hard time sleeping if I don't take my time doing it. (though sex before bed helps too)

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