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"A demon is just a god acting out of turn." Peter Carroll.

My reasons for rejecting the conceptions of good and evil are simple. They're artificial constructs. That, in and of itself isn't a bad thing. Cars are artificial constructs, and I really need a car. But when it comes to anything, natural, artificial, thought or matter, one must consider its utility. If one embraces the idea of good and evil one creates a universe of perpetual, insoluble conflict. There must be constant struggle, certain events must be prevented at all costs. On the up side, it is gratifiying to the ego (in our society) to be ranked in there with Good. I'm a good guy! I'm a protaganist! I'm fighting the good fight!

Oh shut up already! I reject this entire idea because it does not make the universe more interesting, or more comfortable to live in. What it does is annoy me! By rejecting it, I'm free to choose what is best for myself, for the people around me, with no moral objective other than what I think'd be best.

By rejecting "good" and "evil" I'm free to love every aspect of creation. Hate is far too much work, love being the natural state of a human mind, at least in my experience.

Lizzershpoofles, your song is Guessing Game by Lisa Loeb. The first few lines really make me think of you. Much love m'dear.

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