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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Troy... is... gorgeous. I'm feeling so... alive and artistic. It's absolutely wonderful. Today I swung past the Art Center and picked up an open call brocure so that I can try submitting some artwork. I hung out in the square, sitting underneath the statue of Athena playing my violin. Elicited a few smiles. I think I may make more of a habit of it.

I need to swing past the Troy Public Library and get myself a library card. I went in there today and was bowled over by how beautiful the building is. I mean... oh jeezus, it has stained glass everywhere, and the rear stacks consist of "Fireproof Shelves" which are all steel and the floors of the upper levels are five inch thick glass, which diffuses light, not blocks it. Which means the floor kinda glows under you. And it's such tight quaters, it's like a blanket of books.

Speaking of blankets, that's what I want to be. Sarah and I were talking about alot of the guys we know, and how a great many of them are the rabidly defensive type, and to a degree, blindly defensive. This came up as we noted anyone who strongly dislikes me does so mostly as a response to my history with 'Manda. They're all leaping forward towards a threat, and responding like a knight in shining armor.

I on the other hand, don't want to be a knight in shining armor. I want to be a big, thick, fuzzy blankets. I'm somewhat partial to vellux blankets myself. Sure, they tend to slip off the bed, but they are the most cuddling blankets you'll ever find. And that is a fact.

Tomorrow I'm going to go back towards the Art Center, because today I noted that across the street was a placement agency. Maybe I'll track down a job. Today I sent my resume to be a program director for the Boy's and Girl's Club. I figure with my camp direction experience, I'd be well qualified, and it's something to do, and it pays pretty well (35,000+ per annum). Not a vast salary, but for someone living alone without a house, that's pretty good.

As I was out walking, I saw an apartment for rent.. 8 room flat. Sarah's up for moving (lots of landlady conflicts lately- the landlady is a total bitch). We'll have to talk to Dennis, check the price, and if its cheap enough, see about who else we can get to move in with us... maybe Jen. If it's cheaper than what she's got now, that'd be kinda cool methinks.

Anywho, that was utterly mundane day-to-day stuff. So now for some philosophy. I've got a new goal. I'll post it later, since it deserves its own post, and I know that I tend to skim over really long posts involving day-to-day stuff.

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