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I have just returned from a pleasant walking tour about Troy with my dear friends and benificiaries, Sarah and Dennis (, ). I discovered my new favorite place to grab a quick bite, Famous Lunch. I got to see all the lovely buildings and the lovely little stores, and restuarants, and... it's all so beautiful. Almost all of the city is within what I consider walking distance from me here. Saw a few places that are listed as apartments for rent. Scribbled a phone number in my Mako, a shpif and potent organizer/PDA courtesy of Dennis (it's on loan so that I might experiment with making it talk directly to the serial port on my computer).

In otherwords, I am in love with Troy. I am in love with the architecture (victorian), I am in love with seeing gads of people on the street, milling about and being... well, people. I can't even begin to describe the joy I had sitting down in Famous Lunch and having a burger with grease dripping off of it, and having "Zippy Fries" (think fries covered by a sloppy joe- not something I'll probably have again, but worth having).

I feel... grounded. I feel... emplaced. I love places. But this already feels homey. I slept like a log last night, despite being on the floor. I'm comfortable here. Very comfortable.

This may seem like one of those vapid "this is what I did today" posts, but read closely, this is an insight into my character.

I love Troy.

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