How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Well, today was the Albany road trip. First, apologies to Amanda, because I had hoped to gather her up, but the evening turned out too unpredictable, when accounting for a fourty minute commute anywho.

Got underway much later than expceted, after proving that Apples' old nintendo was fixable, but it wasn't worth the effort. Sam and I geeked over it a little bit, checking resistances, verifying behavior. We didn't hit the road until 5:30, when we went to Malta, to meet James' cousin, who's live in girlfriend I happen to know from players parties (making this the first person that I've met at a players party then seen in real life).

I was greatly amused by James' cousin. The sort of person that blends well with the people I already know. We almost went to an RPI hockey game (completely outside of any planning windows preset) but instead, he chased us from his house with a paintball gun (after we had discussed the evolution of super squirrels in his area- because he naturally selected them with a .22- it used to take 2 shots, now it takes 5-6). Apparently, he did not care for this joke:
Q:Why don't they serve bedcovers in resturants?
A:Because they taste like sheet.

Anywho, from there it was off to pizza, then we attempted to swamp Sarah and Dennis' apartment- where it turned out that no one was. Instead, we ended up rendevousing at Barnes and Noble (the only for-sure stop on this trip).

Busy, busy day. I also discovered the joy of Half-life. A horror movie turned video game, I appreciate it greatly. I get in character while playing, whining "I'm a physicst, not an action hero!" That said, I'm gonna chum for a bit and see if anyone I want to speak to pops on. Paxxers.

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