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well now... just so that you can follow a wonderful three pronged journal discussion, be sure to chek out...

Amanda and Sarah's journals. Two of my closest friends at Siena, with a long complicated history (which there's but hints at in our journals.)

Anywho, lets see... Missi's pissed, She'll deal. I'll deal. It'll all be cool once the smoke clears.

Things have recomplicated with Amanda. I dunno... we're acting coupleish (I think our circle of friends have all kinda just decided that we're an item of some sort). I don't know... it just kinda happeneed, and while I'm not scared of it... I dunno... it's just wierd.

I'm still really not looking for this... it is just kinda falling in my lap.

She never mentions the word addiction in certain company

Someday I'll look up the tags to make the marquee go the opposite direction.

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