How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

"It was a pretty good film, but ya know what? It needed more math."

Not something you often say about a film, but true. A Beautiful Mind was completely not what I expected. From the ads, I was expecting some sort of a conspiracy film sorta thing. No, it was a biography- and of someone schizophrenic at that.

And it had not nearly enough math. When you make a movie about a mathematician, it requires more than using math as a setting. You need to really get into the world of mathmatics. Or is this just me being the geek I am?

Other news, Dr. Egan, who happens to be sick with pnemonia as it turns out, is going to check my grades, and if an improved score on the exam would raise my grade enough, then she'll let me retake it with books available. I am all about this. I'm all about acing the fucking test so that I can get out of school. Done, over and free!! Yay! Hope springs eternal.

I need to trim my nails.

My sound card cannot work at the same time my video card is working. 3d acceleration works great when my sound card isn't installed. The instant my computer tries to use both of them, it dies. Now, it was suggested that I change the slots they're in- unfortunately, my sound is on board, my video is AGP. So no slots can get changed. This is going to involve a great deal of finagling (I'm getting into playing games again).

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