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In what book did a character say, "Poot."?

One must wonder, through what mechanism is it that our grades are tied into our self-worth when we are young, so that when we are no longer young, our income can become the determiner of our self-worth?

Get a step ahead, sell out young, that way you have no self worth at all. That's my plan. I sold out a long time ago, but I sold out to a flatulant pig, and since he cannot speak english (he speaks pig latin) no one knows about it. So am I really a sell out? You be the judge.

In other news, tonight is going to be the new equivalent of a LAN-party... an XboX party. 8 people and first person shooters. Makes me long for the good ol' days in my High School CS class.

So my mother has determined that it is impossible for me to have a job, apartment and go to school, because I don't have enough money saved up. You know what I say? Fie upon that! I can do whatever I damn well please. I tried explaining my poor grades to my mother by pointing out that I simply did not do the work I did not want to do.
My mother called me impractical.

Finished the book of the Illuminatus! trilogy, now the appendicies are left. Yes, the hundred or so pages of enlightening appedicies.

I must say, the Principia makes so much more sense now. And I know who Malacalypse the Younger is. Well, sorta. My mind is a bit tweaked out after all of this, but man, am I waiting for Lady Velkor.


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