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Finally it comes time to realize that you are surrounded by fucked up people- and moreover, you are one of the fucked up people.
And it feels so good
I've been feeling... Tyleresque today. I feel Tyleresque alot of the time. To clear that reference up entirely, I am of course, referring to Tyler Durden from fight club.

Tyler... intrigues me. As a character, he was the right blend of shocking, mundane, irresponsible and rebellious. And he wasn't a rebel for the sake of rebelling. He had a set idea of what he hated. Commercialism, materialism... the need for stuff and the need for acceptance. For Tyler, acceptance was getting a fist planted in your face, and why not?

There's always someone out there who would just as soon hit you and look at you.

Of course, Tyler also carried over into extremes, and contradictions. While striking out at the herd mentality brought about by commercialism, he destroyed the individuality of those that worked with him. "No one in project mayhem has a name."

He was as lost as the main character, but going the opposite way.

One of the most beautiful ideas I've seen in a movie was Tyler's concept of a "human sacrifice." For those of you who have not seen the film (which I do reccomend), Tyler walks into a convienced store with a gun, grabs the clerk and forces him into the alley behind the store, where the main character is wating, afraid and scared, thinking Tyler has gone insane.

Quick synopsis: Tyler takes the man's wallet and reads the name on the liscense, and then asks him if he really wanted to be working in a conveience store at 3am. Through frightened tears, the clerk squeaks out that it isn't. Upon seeing a community college ID (expired) Tyler demands why the clerk had been going to college.

"Stuff? Were the exams hard?"

Finally the man eeks out that he had desired to be a vertrinarian. Tyler tells him to run home, and cautions that he has the clerks liscense and address, and that if he is not on his way to becoming a vetrinarian in two weeks, Tyler will kill him.

The man runs off, and the main character stands there in shock, questioning Tyler's sanity.

"Tomorrow, his breakfast will taste better than anything you or I could imagine."

Tyler tosses the gun to the main character, who of course finds the firearm empty.

Fucking beautiful man. Fucking beautiful.

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